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Robinson FUMC engages in many ministries that reach out to our community.


Nutrition On Weekends, N.O.W, Program

The NOW Program began in January 2013 as a response to a growing population of at-risk children in the Robinson School District. Our three-pronged approach allows students (who are identified by school staff) to receive meals on weekends throughout the school year, lunches three times per week in the summer, and a strong start to the school year with our Back-to-School Shopping Days. We are always looking for volunteers and would love to have you. To learn more, visit the NOW Program Facebook Page. To volunteer or receive more information, contact the church office at 618-544-8016 or

Stephen Ministry 

For more information, see our Stephen Ministry Tab at the top of the page! 

Women’s Jail Ministry

God often calls us to branch outside of our comfort zones in order to spread His good news of grace, mercy, and love. Back in 2015 a group of six women came together to do just that as we began a Jail Ministry program here in Crawford County. It has certainly been a learning process and the group has evolved over the years. We currently rotate, visiting the jail in pairs every Thursday evening from 6:00-7:00 pm. During this time we pray together, sing, and share a short devotion & discussion. Although at first glance it may seem that these women have a very different life than those of us visiting, after a brief time it is quite clear that we are all sisters in Christ with much in common. We often say that it feels like the women we meet impart far more wisdom upon us than we give to them. There are many ways to contribute to this ministry besides visiting the jail. We are always looking for people to write cards to the women who go on to rehab or prison, you can help to knit prayer shawls that go into bags we have available for the ladies to pick up before they move on to their next placement, you can contribute money for Bibles and materials, or you can simply continue to pray for the ladies whom we meet and their children. This is a ministry about planting seeds and letting God help them to grow! For more information please contact Janelle Oxford, Shannon Goebel, Becky Veenstra, Linda Null, Brenda Graham, and Jennifer Emken. 


Radio Broadcast

One of our most enduring outreach programs is our Sunday morning airing of our church service from our local radio station, WTYE 101.7 FM at 9:00 am. For our local and not so local shut-ins, it can be a blessing to be able to listen to a church service when not physically able to attend. On more than one occasion I have been surprised to hear folks from other communities, such as Lawrenceville, say they listen to our church broadcast.
For those who’ve never heard the word of God, or those not affiliated with a church it’s a wonderful service provided by FUMC. We may never know how many have been or will be touched by listening to our Sunday morning broadcast, in the privacy of their homes or while driving in their cars. For years FUMC has provided this service.
The cost of the broadcast is $100. If no one has sponsored on a particular Sunday, the church provides. Since there are 52 Sundays in a year, perhaps we can get 52 of our church members to commit to a Sunday of their choice. Remember, you can dedicate a broadcast in someone's honor or memory, for a birthday, anniversary, etc. 
There is a sign up outside of the office or call Kirbie to reserve your Sunday today.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)/Spread the Word

This is a combo ministry. We support the FCA by hosting one or two of their meetings a year, usually in Asbury Hall, and providing snacks. We also have made it our mission to provide every student that joins the Robinson High School FCA with a Sports Bible (Spread the Word program). For some students, FCA may be their only experience with the Bible, so we don’t want to miss the opportunity. I want to note that membership is not restricted to athletes, it is a club that is open to all students. Lastly, the Spread the Word program not only provides each FCA student with a Bible, but it also provides Bibles in the narthex that are free for anyone to take that needs one. God’s word was given to everyone and meant to be shared. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please contact Robert Quick.

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