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Sowing seeds.  We've been planting seeds in Crawford County since 1846.  Think of the numbers of lives that have been changed through the seed-planting ministries of First United Methodist Church.  

Now we embark on a new phase of the life of our congregation.  We've built a state-of-the-art facility for our current and emerging ministries.  We've invested in properties around the church so that we have space for future growth.  Here's where we need your help to plant seeds in the next three years:


  • Demolish the apartment building at 203 West Walnut Street for green space and future growth. - COMPLETE!

  • Pay off the internal loan from the fire insurance money to buy surrounding properties.

  • Repave existing parking lots and expand parking on the south side of the church for our ever-growing congregation.


The remaining cost of these projects is about $464,000.

Not everyone can give large amounts, but we encourage you to share in equal sacrifice.  All giving to the Sowing Seeds Capital Campaign is in addition to giving toward our annual operating costs.  We appreciate your willingness to sacrifice so that we might sow seeds for future generations.

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